Love Birds

I had so much fun playing with all of Dawn’s incredible new stamps! I chose to start out with the “Love Birds” stamp set with a Valentine’s Day theme. I figured since the big day is already around the corner and love is definitely in the air! Here is my first card design using W Plus 9 Design’s Love Birds Stamp Set:

I actually stopped by Dawn’s house yesterday to get some help with the photography and she helped me add the background on to the card. I knew it needed something more and she’s always coming up with great ideas!! The inspiration for the tree limb came from the set of crystal hearts I purchased at Michaels. Here is a close up of the detail:

All it took was some red, white and black cardstock & ink and one tiny black pearl for the cute little bird’s eye!

And now for the second treat! Here is a second card in which I used the adorable heart stamps and created my own patterned paper! I love how versatile these stamps are and how easy you can create endless possibilities with them all! This card is much softer and more playful.

Enjoy! And be sure to check out Maile’s blog too…she has another sneak peak of Dawn’s awesome new stamp sets!

4 thoughts on “Love Birds

  1. Elise says:

    Look at YOU! THAT is one gorgeous piece of card crafting magnificence! Wait, TWO pieces of FABULOUSNESS! I'm just so dazzled by the RED! Oh, what a mighty wonderful Valentine! Heavens! I'm in love, myself! Want cinnamon hearts… for some reason. Hee HeeThese are fabulous, Kerrianne! I'm so impressed! AND, maybe a lil' jealous that you can just STOP BY Dawn's house for a little technical advice! Hee hee VERY COOL, though! Apparently, you guys make a heck of a team, as these cards ROCK!Wonderful work, sweetie pie!

  2. Savitri says:

    Wow, these cards are gorgeous!!! I LOVE them and those hearts!!! WHOOHOO! Yeah, I'm with Elise here, how lucky are you two to just be able to stop by each other's place like that. How nice!!

  3. RetroGirly says:

    Yes I am very lucky! Thank you so much for the sweet compliments! I'm having such a blast with Dawn's stamps! I can't wait to play some more! And you ladies have both done a fabulous job too! I stopped by both of your blogs today and I am always just blown away with your amazing talent!!!!

  4. Maile Belles says:

    Kerrianne, these are gorgeous!!! Love your use of the heart rhinestones and the black for the focal image panel. The stamped heart background on the pink card is fabulous, may have to give that one a try. I'm lovin Dawns stamps!!! I too am jealous that you live so close to Dawn, must be nice. 🙂

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