Thankful for…

A little bit ago I heard a sermon on anxiety and stress – and the best way to aliveate it is to concentrate on the blessings in one’s life. The speaker said when you feel stressed or unhappy sit down and write out the ABC’s of Thankfulness. He said by the end of it you will hopefully have forgotten whatever was bugging you in the first place.
I’ve had quite a stressful day and actually started a blog post that was nothing but a tangent of complaints. But I took a breather and realized I need to focus on the positives of my life and here they are…this might take a while! Let’s see if it works!
A: Autumn – my favorite time of year and a little 4 yr old girl I adore (she’s my favorite little princess!)
B: Backrubs – nothing is more calming and relaxing than a good ol’ backrub!
C: Compliments – I just love when someone surprises you with praise, whether it’s a job well done or that my hair looks great today – a compliment always makes my day
D: Dogs – I am a true animal lover at heart. I love all shapes and sizes, but my heart belongs to my Mollie – she’s the sweetest, most cuddly dog on the planet 🙂

E: Etsy – when I’m feeling blah and need some creative inspiration always has something new, or vintage to inspire me
F: Friends & Family – I would be nowhere if it weren’t for my fabulous friends & family!
G: God – In rough times he/she is always there to hear my prayers and creates so many amazing miracles everyday!
H: Home – I am thankful to have a roof over my head and a place to call home
I: Ice Cream – enough said right!?!?!
J: Jewelry – It doesn’t matter if you are having a “fat day” – jewelry always makes you feel pretty!
K: Kisses – whether from a secret someone, friends, or even my dog Mollie, kisses make everything better
L: Lunch – this might be random, but I look forward to this “break” in my day the minute I walk into work. It’s even better when I get to sneak away for a lunch date with an old friend…or even the mall!
M: Mom – I don’t know what I would do without my mom. She’s my rock of strentgth in the most difficult of times. And she never judges me no matter how many stupid things I seem to get in to!
N: News – I am addicted to reading the news, other than craft sites, I’m always checking out the latest buzz
O: Orchids – my favorite flower
P: Pedicures – can you tell I love to be pampered??
Q: Quiet – I am definitely a homebody and love a nice quiet night reading a book and taking a nice long bath
R: Recipes – I love trying new recipes and foods
S: Songs – I live my life through music. I’m always finding new songs to relate too…I love lyrics and great songwriters
T: Telephone – sometimes you just need someone to talk to (or text!)
U: Umbrellas – even though you never seem to have them when you need them!
V: Ha! Well the first word I thought of isn’t very PC – but it definitely is something I’m thankful for when there’s not a man around!! HA HA (see if you can guess!)
W: Wishes – they keep me hopeful
X: Let’s go with RoXie – my crazy cat
Y: You – blog readers & commenters always make my day!
Z: ZZZzzz’s – I LOVE NAPS!!
Ok…so that’s a lot tougher than it seems…and you know what?? It worked! I feel so much better! So now it’s your turn…get to it! Thanks for reading and hope you have a fabulous weekend! I think I will try another round for Thanksgiving! And here’s a little card using Practicing Creativity’s Fall Fest set just for the occasion!

So if you are ever having “one of those days” I definitely recommend trying the ABC’s of Thankfulness!! Hope you have a great Tuesday and rest of your week!

5 thoughts on “Thankful for…

  1. Alyssa S says:

    I'm a bit behind on my reader, but I love this post! So fun to read through your list of thankfuls :o) I think we have the whole 'V' thing in common too LOL Cute card too! I love that the sentiment is actually on the inside – so fun!

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