Surprise Wedding Shower

So my first *Surprise* Shower was a blast! Had so much fun getting it all together to celebrate my mom’s big day. The idea was from my Aunt and she was SUPER helpful in working it all out. And how perfect…we told my mom it was “my Housewarming Party” —too funny!Here’s a glimpse of the invites I designed and then had printed. The theme was a summer BBQ for couples…I embellished each one with a bow and a lil’ bit of glitter in the center of the grill. {{shout out to my sis for helping out~!}}

Also, I had a blast creating some fun flower centerpieces and re-using some left over Easter cutlery… and monogrammed the napkins with her future last name initial.
Here is the shocked guest of honor…that mother’s intuition was a little too strong… she “had some suspicions” was still pretty surprised!
And of course a fun table spread with some punched butterflies and cute summer lanterns.
The happy couple…and I just adore the Hawaiian lei’s I found in her wedding colors!
Now to survive the wedding! Keep your fingers crossed for us! XOXO
{{and my Martha Stewart kick is over for a bit…I’m pooped!}}
Thank you as always for stopping by…what are some fun Bridal Shower ideas you’ve done or come across??

Your comments always make my day!

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