A Crafty Friend

I’ve been so crazy busy…but wanted to share a quick post of what I made for the fabulous Dawn over at WPlus9 Design for her birthday recently…

I found that fabulous box at Michael’s and got all *stamp happy* with a bunch of her sets. Such a fun card & gift to make. I filled it full of craft goodies and of course some fun “retro” items.

Hope you are having a great week! And check back tomorrow for some sneak peek’s of July’s WPlus9 DesignRelease!!!

4 thoughts on “A Crafty Friend

  1. Elise says:

    …. Wait, WHAT? {I missed DAWN'S birthday!!!???!!! – oh, CRACKERS!} Anywhooooo, CLEARLY, you made something WONDERFUL enough for the REST of the class! This is FANTASTIC! {You're a DOLL!}

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