If you are looking for financial & time management advice for us crazy “Women on the Go” – you should check out: Women&Co.

Recently they shared the following stats & I can sooooo relate:

At some point in our work week, many of us may conclude that there simply aren’t enough hours in a day, but according to a recent study from Real Simple, this sentiment may ring especially true for women. The study shows that despite the increase in men’s contributions at home, women continue to feel stressed and overwhelmed in their lives. Below we’ve provided some key findings from the study:

Half of women say they just don’t have enough free time and less than a third didn’t even have enough time to fit in a single episode of their favorite TV show.

Most women (2/3rds) don’t blame their jobs for interfering with their personal lives, they blame the housework piling up at home – chores that range from taking out the laundry to balancing the checkbook.

Despite the fact that more and more men are pitching in to help, women are assigning most of the work to themselves, with the thought: “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.”

45% of women said they would not hire more household help if they could afford it and 69% of women said they wouldn’t hire more childcare if they could afford it.

The top three jobs women “really, really don’t want to hand off to their spouse”?  Decorating (63%), managing household finances (59%), and organizing (53%).

61% of women feel guilty when they choose to spend time on themselves.

But happiness is possible: Women who plan out their goals, prioritize and space out their goals over their lives reported being more satisfied.

*All statistics were sourced from the study, Women & Time – conducted by Real Simple and the Families and Work Institute

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